RJ-450 Compactors

Model: RJ-450 Compactor

The RJ-450 Compactor features an extra-large 60-inch (1524mm) by 67 1/2-inch (1715mm) clear top opening that accepts large, bulky items with ease.

Ruggedly built to meet the challenge, this unit packs a powerful 56,500 (25,628 kg) pounds of crushing force. And, the RJ-450 is built for performance and reliability as only Metro Compactor, the solid waste industry specialists in on-site compaction systems, can provide.

AP-7227HD Compactors


The RJ-450 features industrial-grade electrical and hydraulic systems that are UL and CUL Listed. This means trouble-free operation and top performance year after year. A side- mounted power unit combines the convenience and ease-of-maintenance that comes with a remote power pack with the space savings and ease-of-installation of an integrated power pack.


  • Side-Mount Power Unit
  • Power Unit Weather Cover
  • Control Panel Box
  • Motor Starter Reset Button
  • Limit Switch
  • Ram
  • Ram Guide Shoes with Replaceable Wear Strips


The RJ-450 features an advanced, simplified 2-button control system. It is a key-operated, fully automatic and contained in a weatherproof NEmA 4 enclosure. Connected to the power pack with 13-feet (3.96m) of Sealtite®, the controls can be located for operator convenience.

The packing ram is supported by specially formulated cast iron shoes which ride on replaceable wear strips. this exclusive design protects the charge box floor from the full force of the packing ram, extending its life and dramatically reducing compaction-robbing friction.

The RJ-450 features a side-mounted power unit. The power unit offers the convenience and ease-of-maintenance of a remote power pack with the space savings of an integrated power pack. The configuration also eliminates ALL electrical components from inside the compactor.

The RJ-450 can be fitted with a variety of material handling equipment such as chutes, hoppers, and dumpers. The compactor shown is fitted with a side fed hopper and a ground level dumper. Cart dumpers can be custom built to your specifications to accommodate existing cart systems.


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